Episode 006 features an interview with Richard Stockton Rand, actor, director, choreographer, writer, and Professor and Coordinator of Undergraduate Theatre Studies in the Department of Theatre at Purdue University.  Rich is a dedicated theatre professional wearing many hats, and his thoughts on the theatrical life are nothing short of riveting.  You can find Rich’s webpage here.
And here is a link to Rich’s work as a Mask Teacher:

This week's "Look Ups":
Rich mentioned a video of himself performing the PLASTIQUE DISCIPLINE.  It is compelling and even emotional to watch him put himself through the exercise.  You can find it here:

He also talked about two clips of Bruce Springsteen performing his own song, “The River,” once from the early 1980’s and once more recently.  The change in the performer and the maturation of the performance are remarkable.  You can find these links here:

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