THE OLD MASTERS PROGRAM - 2018 Honorary Old Master

“The Old Masters Program is a unique and well-established annual event at Purdue University. It was created in 1950 when student leaders, business representatives, and university officials together defined success as "honesty, personal integrity, and a good philosophy." This sparked the idea to invite a group of ten successful and outstanding individuals to campus for the purpose of sharing ideas and experiences with the student body. The Old Masters program is one of the most honored and rewarding experiences that Purdue University has to offer. Each person that is invited back possesses the same desire to share philosophies and experiences with Purdue students and the leaders of tomorrow.

You were nominated as this year's Honorary Old Master by someone who recognized your outstanding achievements in your personal and professional life. The Honorary Old Master is a current Purdue faculty or staff member who has impacted the student body throughout their time here and fulfills the qualifications we look for in an Old Master. Our Central Committee believes that you will be able to bring a unique perspective to our program and that our program will be able to give you just as much in return.”

Old Masters Hosts and Me 2018.JPG